Guild Ukulele Building Project

   The Big Island Ukulele Guild  started a project (4/17/10) in my shop building 3 tenor ukuleles which will eventually be sold. It is a special fundraising project, with expected completion by November 2010. Every week and a half, 2 different members come to my shop to spend 4 hours working on the project ukes. We are building a koa tenor and a mango tenor. In addition, we are  also building a "Green Uke" out of recycled materials.  It has back and sides from recycled used Brazilian Cherry wood, a Western Red Cedar top from construction site leftovers, a fretboard from some type of rosewood that was once the arm of a chair, and a beautiful rosewood bridge made from the handle of an old woodworking square. The remainder of the materials have yet to be determined.

    8/15 was day 11 of the building project. I did not get any photos of day 10 due to a camera problem. That day was neck attachment. Necks are now on and we spent the day radiusing and fretting the fretboards.

Anne working on cleaning up the fretboards.

Radiusing a fretboard.

Bob truing up a fretboard along it's length.

Cleaning out the fret slots just prior to fretting.