Koa Ukulele Sets For Sale

& Other woods Too

As of 10/28/14 I am reorganizing the wood for sale pages. I may not get that done until 2015. I do have hundreds of sets for sale. I welcome builders to stop by, by appointment, if they are interested in looking at sets. You can contact me at pegasusguitars@hawaiiantel.net

Builder's buying wood for instruments from any supplier should purchase their materials well in advance of starting their project. I recommend that you purchase your woods a minimum of 3-6 months ahead of your needs and allow the wood to fully acclimatize to your environment. Although the sets I sell are dry, they still should be given time to acclimatize to your location.All ukulele sets are top back and side sets (noted as T/B/S sets) unless otherwise stated. Shipping is by Priority Mail in the U.S. For foreign orders, I only ship by Express Mail. Here are some sample shipping costs for shipping in the U.S. I pay the insurance on all U.S. orders.Payment can be made through PayPal. To order, contact pegasusguitars@hawaiiantel.net

1 -4 sets    $18.00 shipping and handling in a large flatrate box anywhere in the U.S.

5+ sets inquire about shipping and handling charges

I have many koa ukulele sets available. Most of my sets are cut to tenor size. I sometimes have a few sets that are concert size and these are noted in the description.

Sets are graded as:

Select- Little or no curl

Select Curl- At least some curl throughout

Full Curl- Lots of curl throughout.

*****Full curl and select curl sets can be difficult to bend without breakage. Recommended for advanced builders. Buyer takes responsibility for any breakage incurred while bending or processing the wood.




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