Ukulele Fret Slotting Templates For Builders

   Tablesaw ukulele fret slotting templates for builders are now available in soprano, concert short and long scale, tenor, and baritone short and long scale. Each template comes with a machined pin to fit the slot. I've not had a chance to get the tutorial page ready yet, but if you are interested in this system, send me an e-mail to . The tutorial page should be up soon. Easy to use, accurate, quick, low cost system. 

    Some builders screw the templates to the fretboards, but that is unnecessary. I use 2 small pieces of carpet tape, the thicker cloth type instead of the thin plastic type though both will work. If you are careful not to get dust on the tape, you can cut 6-8 fretboards before having to change the tape pieces.

Soprano template 347mm   $20.00

Concert double sided short and long scale template $25.00

    Short scale 374mm

    Long scale 390mm

Tenor template 434mm   $20.00

Baritone double sided short and long scale template $25.00

    Short scale    508mm

    Long scale 514mm

Templates are clear cast acrylic. they come with protective paper coating as shown below.


I use 5" jewelers saw blades which are available from industrial supply houses like MSC Industrial. They have 1" holes and 1" to 5/8" reducer bushings are available at stores like Ace Hardware. You will have to thin the reducers somewhat, depending on the arbor washers on your saw. I also use blade stiffeners, available at Sears or other supply houses. These blades are handy as they come sized by the thousandth. I use .025 blades (MSC stock #03306255 Jewelers Saw Blades 5" with 1" arbor hole), with stiffeners, for most fret wire. Sometimes I use .028 (MSC stock # 03306289) for wider wire in hard woods like ebony. I also use these same blades in .057 (MSC stock #03306578) for making kerfing and I gang them in a group of 5 on my saw arbor. They last a long time if you are careful. You can e-mail me if you need more info.

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